Rabia Kapoor

This is about a teenager whose words have moved me so much that I cannot help but advertise her on my own blog. This woman lives somewhere in my city, inhaling the same polluted air. She pens down words so elegantly, that they are bound to touch your heart. Whether you like them or you hate them, you cannot ignore hearing her out.

She got both wanted and unwanted attention and came to the limelight with The Introvert’s Banter.

On the Valentine’s Day of this year, she did the special A Lot Like Me.

And then she so magically spoke her mind on the “internet-generation” in Why Your Stories Matter. Here you will hear her speak about her experience behind “The Introvert’s Banter” and re-do “A Lot Like Me”.

She has been writing since she was 13. Her words are sharp, her words are a tangle of all the emotions that hit us, her words are magic.

Don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to listening to her so much more. And read. Keep writing, Rabia!

Do check out this personal interview of actor Rajat Kapoor (her father) by her and her younger brother, Vivan Kapoor: Totally personal with Rajat Kapoor.

Update on July 02, 2017: Here she talks about the dynamics of her relationship with Vivian.

Update on September 28, 2017: In Bargaining with the Wizard of Oz (Objectify Me), she has a strong message for men.

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