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  1. [2021/06/25] Snow leopards on rugged terrains of conservation
  2. [2021/04/19] Butterflies and moths look at the world differently: Blame it on evolution
  3. [2020/11/06] Disentangling India’s mental health distress – Research on mental health: Is India catching up?
  4. [2020/10/30] Disentangling India’s mental health distress – Does India have the resources to control the impending mental health crisis?
  5. [2020/10/23] Disentangling India’s mental health distress – Mapping the spread of mental illnesses across India
  6. [2020/10/16] Disentangling India’s mental health distress – All elephant and no more room
    (The above four can be found together at Disentangling India’s mental health distress)


  1. [2021/02/12] Here’s why laboratory science alone cannot solve the extinction crisis
  2. [2020/12/24] Food for thought: Widespread malnutrition could fuel India’s high rates of depression
  3. [2020/11/25] Sex without getting caught: Interactions between tree crickets and their predators
  4. [2020/11/20] What type of intelligence do you have?
  5. [2020/11/18] Study finds challenges posed by COVID-19 for stroke care in India
  6. [2020/11/12] A new technique to study Indian strain of malarial parasite could help in better drug discovery
  7. [2020/11/03] Subsidised foods may lead to complications in nutrition and growth
  8. [2020/10/27] Printing now made simpler and cheaper for biological cells and liquid suspensions
  9. [2020/10/26] Managing tuberculosis effectively: Could the private sector be the game changer?
  10. [2020/10/19] Researchers discover three new species of damselflies in the Western Ghats