Portfolio as Science Writer and Journalist

Did You Know? Uranus has many mysterious rings[28th byline/9 houses]
I throw some light on the mysteries of Uranus, including its rings.
Deccan Herald, via Research Matters — 23rd October, 2020

Finding flood risks at the village-level to facilitate decision-making[27/8]
I report on how science can inform policymakers in combatting the effects of climate change that pose serious flood hazards to flood-prone villages of India.
Research Matters — 21st October, 2020

Monitoring countrywide levels of air pollutions[26/8]
I report on how Indian scientists are ramping up sites for air quality monitoring around the country.
Research Matters — 20th October, 2020

Novel design of magnetic channels may cut down costs of transferring electronic signals[25/8]
I report on how scientists have devised a new technique to speed up processing electronic signals at significantly lower costs.
Research Matters — 3rd October, 2020

Liquids behave differently on curved surfaces than flat ones[24/8]
I report on what scientists find on studying the evolution of liquids on spherical surfaces.
Research Matters — 2nd October, 2020

Hidden in plain sight: A mental health crisis in academia (Part 2)[23/8]
The final of a two-part series where we examine the status of mental health awareness within Indian academia and discuss possible strategies and interventions to improve the situation.
IndiaBioscience — 2nd October, 2020

Decolonising climate change: The developed world is responsible for our planet’s climate crisis[22/8]
I report on how a new study puts the focus of the conversation on Climate Change, on Climate Justice — and how the conversation regarding Climate Justice, or the lack of it, is hurting our collective future.
Research Matters — 1st October, 2020

Hidden in plain sight: A mental health crisis in academia (Part 1)[21/8]
The first in a two-part series where we examine the status of mental health awareness within Indian academia and discuss possible strategies and interventions to improve the situation.
IndiaBioscience — 29th September, 2020

Technology not merely a tool in tennis, but now in the driver’s seat[20/8]
Research done on elite tennis has remarkable social science implications. My colleague and I co-report.
Research Matters — 18th September, 2020

Digging the grave: In search of the remains of merging black holes and neutron stars[19/8]
I report on how astronomers take on an exciting quest looking for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves emitted by merging black holes stars and neutron stars. Oh, but are they succesful?
Research Matters — 14th September, 2020

Cracked: Scientists show how glass crystallises in real-time[18/8]
I report on scientists capturing crystallisation of glass, which may take thousands of years otherwise, in movies.
Research Matters — 7th September, 2020

Who is at the centre of a dog’s world? It’s humans more than dogs![17/8]
Ecologists have for the first time studied the direct interactions of humans with free-ranging dogs. I report on their find.
Research Matters — 28th August, 2020

A new approach to quantum information processing at room temperatures[16/8]
I report on how scientists have come up with a novel approach to realise qubits, the fundamental units of quantum computers.
Research Matters — 27th August, 2020

AstroSat discovers tell-tale signs of cosmic evolution from a young, dynamic galaxy[15/8]
I report on how astronomers have used India’s first astronomy satellite to find a galaxy in wavelengths in which it has never been found before.
Research Matters — 24th August, 2020

Rachana’s pursuit of the oldest stars in the universe[14/8]
I report on the recent discovery by Rachana Bhatawdekar and her team, and profile her journey from IT jobs to the European Space Agency.
The Life of Science — 21st August, 2020

COVID19 and Cyclone Amphan batter Hobjapara’s ‘migrant’ families[13/7]
I report on how residents of a village an hour from Kolkata live in absolute apathy of all governments and administrations.
Gaon Connection English — 20th August, 2020

Speeding up computing by introducing defects in solids[12/6]
I report on how scientists have carefully engineered defects in materials to speed up computing speeds.
Research Matters — 3rd August, 2020

Observations of the Sun’s surface defy present understanding of its interiors[11/6]
I report on how clueless scientists are in understanding the Sun, the nearest star and the source of life on the Earth.
Research Matters — 23rd July, 2020

Radio-images of the Sun explains the anomaly in its atmospheric temperature[10/6]
I report on researchers explaining the Sun’s ‘coronal heating problem’ by studying it thoroughly in the radio wavelengths.
Research Matters — 22nd June, 2020

Could One Type of Neutron Stars Explain Where Fast Radio Bursts Come From?[9/6]
A new discovery in the frontier of astronomy supposedly explains the enigmatic fast radio bursts as extragalactic magnetars. I report on theoretical research examining this link and establishing the details of this complicated relationship.
The Wire Science — 3rd June, 2020

Black hole shadows could throw light on dark matter[8/5]
I report on the exciting conclusions reached by researchers, who investigated the effects of dark matter particles on the growth of black hole shadows, and reviewed the observational scope of the shadows.
Research Matters — 15th May, 2020

Tackling a mental health crisis during a global pandemic[7/4]
I discuss the various ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic can prey upon our mental health, and some small steps that can help one stay connected and grounded during the crisis.
IndiaBioscience — 13th May, 2020

First Person: ‘I survived neglect in UK and stigma in India after I tested positive for Covid-19’[6/4]
I write in first person for an Indian student who has recovered from COVID-19. The person prefers to be anonymous.
Scroll — 1st May, 2020

Indian Researchers Work Round The Clock In Quest To Contain Coronavirus[5/3]
I report on how the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology prepared themselves and others for COVID-19 diagnosis, and have since then amped up testing in its laboratories, thanks to its hard-working researchers.
Huffington Post India — 13th April, 2020

Battling the Contagious Disease of Racism: A Personal Account From Germany[4/2]
I write in first person for a person living in Germany, to report an account of racism. The person prefers to be anonymous.
LiveWire (The Wire) — 26th March, 2020

Park Circus Maidan: Kolkata’s Shaheen Bagh[3/2]
I report from the ground on the developing situation of civic protests against the CAA-NPR-NRC, in Kolkata.
LiveWire (The Wire) — 14th January, 2020

Wake up academia, it’s a brand new mental health patient[2/1]
I draw insights from my own experiences in graduate school to suggest what institutions and individuals can do to improve mental health conditions within academic spaces.
IndiaBioscience — 16th October, 2019

Busting a few PhD myths[1st byline/1st house]
I discuss a few myths often believed and perpetuated by graduate students throughout India, which can prove detrimental to their scientific journeys.
IndiaBioscience — 8th May, 2019