Portfolio as Science Writer and Journalist

Mathematics answers the biological question of which proteins participate in the mutation of bacteria[35th byline/8 houses]
Physicists and biologists have come together to develop generic mathematics.
Research Matters — 18th January, 2021

A new approach to film atoms and molecules vibrating inside solids[34/8]
Theoretical and experimental scientists have come together to watch solids vibrate.
Research Matters — 13th January, 2021

Fertilisers, livestock and biomass burning are spewing ammonia into the air across India[33/8]
Research has pinned down seasonal and geographical variation of the harmful gas and the reasons behind it.
Research Matters — 11th January, 2021

Efficiently cooling down systems that generate heat[32/8]
A PhD Thesis work has proposed efficient cooling of IC chips, photovoltaic cells, and gas turbine blades.
Research Matters — 8th January, 2021

A microscopic understanding of materials can widen the scope of their applications[31/8]
Researchers study the relationship between geometry and isotropy to enhance 3D-printing.
Research Matters — 6th January, 2021

Uranus has many mysterious rings[30/8]
I throw light on the mysteries of Uranus and its rings.
Research Matters — 24th December, 2020

What’s great about the ‘Great Red Spot’?[29/8]
I gather the stocks on a mysterious spot over Jupiter’s southern hemisphere.
Research Matters — 16th December, 2020

The role of women in State-led development: A story of paradoxes[28/8]
An anthropologist zooms into the relationship of women and the State in erstwhile Maoism affected areas.
Research Matters — 9th December, 2020

Finding flood risks at the village-level to facilitate decision-making[27/8]
Science can inform policy combat climate change hazards to flood-prone villages of India.
Research Matters — 21st October, 2020

Monitoring countrywide levels of air pollutions[26/8]
I report on how Indian scientists are ramping up sites for air quality monitoring around the country.
Research Matters — 20th October, 2020

Novel design of magnetic channels may cut down costs of transferring electronic signals[25/8]
Scientists have devised a new technique to speed up processing electronic signals at significantly lower costs.
Research Matters — 3rd October, 2020

Liquids behave differently on curved surfaces than flat ones[24/8]
Scientists study the evolution of liquids on spherical surfaces. I report.
Research Matters — 2nd October, 2020

Hidden in plain sight: A mental health crisis in academia (Part 2)[23/8]
We examine the status of mental health awareness within Indian academia and discuss possible strategies and interventions to improve the situation.
IndiaBioscience — 2nd October, 2020

Decolonising climate change: The developed world is responsible for our planet’s climate crisis[22/8]
A new study puts the focus of the conversation on Climate Change, on Climate Justice — the lack of which is hurting our collective future.
Research Matters — 1st October, 2020

Hidden in plain sight: A mental health crisis in academia (Part 1)[21/8]
We examine the status of mental health awareness within Indian academia and discuss possible strategies and interventions to improve the situation.
IndiaBioscience — 29th September, 2020

Technology not merely a tool in tennis, but now in the driver’s seat[20/8]
Research on elite tennis has remarkable social science implications. My colleague and I co-report.
Research Matters — 18th September, 2020

Digging the grave: In search of the remains of merging black holes and neutron stars[19/8]
Astronomers take on an exciting quest looking for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves.
Research Matters — 14th September, 2020

Cracked: Scientists show how glass crystallises in real-time[18/8]
Scientists have captured crystallisation of glass, which may take thousands of years otherwise, in movies.
Research Matters — 7th September, 2020

Who is at the centre of a dog’s world? It’s humans more than dogs![17/8]
Ecologists have for the first time studied the direct interactions of humans with free-ranging dogs.
Research Matters — 28th August, 2020

A new approach to quantum information processing at room temperatures[16/8]
Scientists have come up with a novel approach to realise qubits, the fundamental units of quantum computers.
Research Matters — 27th August, 2020

AstroSat discovers tell-tale signs of cosmic evolution from a young, dynamic galaxy[15/8]
Astronomers have found a galaxy in wavelengths in which it has never been found before.
Research Matters — 24th August, 2020

Rachana’s pursuit of the oldest stars in the universe[14/8]
I report on the recent discovery by Rachana Bhatawdekar and her team, and profile her journey from IT jobs to the European Space Agency.
The Life of Science — 21st August, 2020

COVID19 and Cyclone Amphan batter Hobjapara’s ‘migrant’ families[13/7]
Residents of a village an hour from Kolkata live in absolute apathy of all governments and administrations.
Gaon Connection English — 20th August, 2020

Speeding up computing by introducing defects in solids[12/6]
I report on how scientists have carefully engineered defects in materials to speed up computing speeds.
Research Matters — 3rd August, 2020

Observations of the Sun’s surface defy present understanding of its interiors[11/6]
Scientists are clueless in understanding the Sun, the nearest star and the source of life on the Earth.
Research Matters — 23rd July, 2020

Radio-images of the Sun explains the anomaly in its atmospheric temperature[10/6]
Researchers explain the Sun’s ‘coronal heating problem’ by studying it via the radio wavelengths.
Research Matters — 22nd June, 2020

Could One Type of Neutron Stars Explain Where Fast Radio Bursts Come From?[9/6]
A new discovery in the frontier of astronomy supposedly explains the enigmatic fast radio bursts as extragalactic magnetars. I report on theoretical research examining this link and establishing the details of this complicated relationship.
The Wire Science — 3rd June, 2020

Black hole shadows could throw light on dark matter[8/5]
Researchers have investigated the effects of dark matter particles on the growth of black hole shadows.
Research Matters — 15th May, 2020

Tackling a mental health crisis during a global pandemic[7/4]
I discuss the various ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic can prey upon our mental health, and some small steps that can help one stay connected and grounded during the crisis.
IndiaBioscience — 13th May, 2020

First Person: ‘I survived neglect in UK and stigma in India after I tested positive for Covid-19’[6/4]
I write in first person anonymous for an Indian student who has recovered from COVID-19.
Scroll — 1st May, 2020

Indian Researchers Work Round The Clock In Quest To Contain Coronavirus[5/3]
I report on how scientists have prepared themselves and others for COVID-19 diagnosis.
Huffington Post India — 13th April, 2020

Battling the Contagious Disease of Racism: A Personal Account From Germany[4/2]
I write in first person anonymous for a person living in Germany.
LiveWire (The Wire) — 26th March, 2020

Park Circus Maidan: Kolkata’s Shaheen Bagh[3/2]
I report from the ground on the developing situation of civic protests against the CAA-NPR-NRC, in Kolkata.
LiveWire (The Wire) — 14th January, 2020

Wake up academia, it’s a brand new mental health patient[2/1]
I draw insights from my own experiences in graduate school to suggest what institutions and individuals can do to improve mental health conditions within academic spaces.
IndiaBioscience — 16th October, 2019

Busting a few PhD myths[1st byline/1st house]
I discuss a few myths often believed and perpetuated by graduate students throughout India, which can prove detrimental to their scientific journeys.
IndiaBioscience — 8th May, 2019