A former scientist [details].

Then, a freelance Science Communicator & Journalist [portfolio].

Currently a Science Communicator with Research Matters, Gubbi Labs.

Occasionally, I also end up writing a piece or two of poetry.

Peek into my albums on Flickr, gathered from the frequent treks and travels that I indulge used to indulge in.

দেবদত্ত পাল। [he/him/his]
An eternal student of science. Writes for the world, writes for himself. Mental health patient and advocate of a world without mental illness. Finds solace in mountains and jungles. Jack of some trades: poet, song-writer, mediocre photographer. Dreams of writing life-changing novels. Opinionated, but opinions change as he evolves. Bogged by nightmares — still dares to dream of better times.

Living in Climate Emergency, just like everybody else.