How I quit Facebook

Week 1: Deleted from Friends List anyone that I did not know in person. Deactivated without telling anyone. Installed Messenger to stay in touch with a few, whom I have informed that they should not be shocked to find a white symbol against my profile.

Week 2 [31/08/2020]: Used it in the above mode, no change. Only if someone I am in touch with has asked me specifically, I have mentioned that my profile is deactivated.

Week 3 [07/09/2020]: Informed everyone that I am primarily in touch with over Facebook, that I am leaving in a few days. Activated account and disliked all pages that I was following. Kept a separate copy of the only one that I would like to keep visiting even when outside Facebook. Had to deal with suggestions that Facebook is really helpful.

Week 4 [14/09/2020]: Went through all the “Saved Posts” and found that most of them were either not available anymore, or not relevant anymore. Deleted them. Got rid of the separate Collections I had. Exit all groups I was a part of, except one. Deleted all my Activity Log one by one.

Week 5 [21/09/2020]: Informed contacts in the only other group, about my whereabouts after quitting. Connected with more interested individuals over email. Left the group. Deactivated again, still using Messenger. The only thing left to do is to make copy of a long debate I had over Messenger, with one of my friends. Not getting time to sit down and do it.

Week 6 [28/09/2020]: Felt lazy over the whole week. :/

Week 7 [05/10/2020]: Sat down yesterday, copied the entire chat one message at a time, and then pressed the delete account button. Bye.

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