Research Matters

I am a Writer, Translator, and Editorial Assistant. The following is my
Portfolio as Science Communicator

Did You Know? Uranus has many mysterious rings[11]
I throw some light on the mysteries of Uranus, including its rings.
23rd October, 2020 — Writer [Contribution to Deccan Herald]

Finding flood risks at the village-level to facilitate decision-making[10]
I report on how science can inform policymakers in combatting the effects of climate change that pose serious flood hazards to flood-prone villages of India.
21st October, 2020 — Writer

Monitoring countrywide levels of air pollution[9]
I report on how Indian scientists are ramping up sites for air quality monitoring around the country.
20th October, 2020 — Writer

Novel design of magnetic channels may cut down costs of transferring electronic signals[8]
I report on how scientists have devised a new technique to speed up processing electronic signals at significantly lower costs.
3rd October, 2020 — Writer

Liquids behave differently on curved surfaces than flat ones[7]
I report on what scientists find on studying the evolution of liquids on spherical surfaces.
2nd October, 2020 — Writer

Decolonising climate change: The developed world is responsible for our planet’s climate crisis[6]
I report on how a new study puts the focus of the conversation on Climate Change, on Climate Justice — and how the conversation regarding Climate Justice, or the lack of it, is hurting our collective future.
1st October, 2020 — Writer

Technology not merely a tool in tennis, but now in the driver’s seat[5]
Research done on elite tennis has remarkable social science implications. My colleague and I co-report.
18th September, 2020 — Co-writer

Digging the grave: In search of the remains of merging black holes and neutron stars[4]
I report on how astronomers take on an exciting quest looking for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves emitted by merging black holes stars and neutron stars. Oh, but are they succesful?
14th September, 2020 — Writer

Cracked: Scientists show how glass crystallises in real-time[3]
I report on scientists capturing crystallisation of glass, which may take thousands of years otherwise, in movies.
7th September, 2020 — Writer

Who is at the centre of a dog’s world? It’s humans more than dogs![2]
Ecologists have for the first time studied the direct interactions of humans with free-ranging dogs. I report on their find.
28th August, 2020 — Writer

AstroSat discovers tell-tale signs of cosmic evolution from a young, dynamic galaxy[1]
I report on how astronomers have used India’s first astronomy satellite to find a galaxy in wavelengths in which it has never been found before.
24th August, 2020 — Writer