See you soon, Kolkata

I see a naked city
With a beautiful face —
Every day in mobility,
Showing off its grace.

Its lonely lanes may have seen me
Breaking down or holding tight.
Its dusty air may have heard
My guitar late at night.

Its traffic has moved,
Its lives have burned.
Its buildings have stood,
Its rain’s returned.

Its greens may have seen me
Looking at a blissful blue.
Its skies may have coloured
My every point-of-view.

It’s changed for the worse,
But its people have cared.
It’s changed for the better,
Because a few have dared.

Its name may have changed,
Its Ganga will flow.
Its ruins may remain.
A few children must go.

Its children must go!
New children will come.
See you soon, Kolkata,
Take care, everyone!

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