For a red-haired muse

Someday, I wish to play with your hair
till the redness dissolves in my blood.
Someday, I wish to caress it softly
till the hours forget to care.
If that day does come, my dear,
We can let our senses flood
with desires, that arise with every touch
of your skin, so soft and so bare.
Each nerve that ends on your flesh
will know the care in my bite.
Each moan that ensues in rhythm
will call me deeper inside.
Sweetheart, as you lie there helpless,
Your senses alive to my weight,
We will reach the pinnacle of being,
The desires finally have met.
Let’s not then talk in silly whispers,
The silence as a memory I’ll keep.
Just give me some space in your hair
till the redness dissolves in my sleep.

14 thoughts on “For a red-haired muse

  1. Had a chat with you at the Tuning fork open mic earlier today. This is surely one of the finest that I have ever read. Not even exaggerating. Sometimes you like things because it’s something that you can’t do, sometimes you like them more because it’s something that you’re most likely to do. This one’s the latter, it comes from the same school of thought as many of my works. Hence it touches the raw nerve. Hat’s off man. Get in touch.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words, man. Those really mean a lot to me.

      I had a great time yesterday, opening up for the first time, meeting fellow-poets, and specially being able to hear so many of you live… The variety of poetry opened my eyes, I really didn’t know that you could write so much different kinds, in so many different ways…

      I am going to attend every Monday, I hope to see you there. Since you have not left your contact, you can “Contact Me” instead, via the form in the menu above. Otherwise, see you soon!


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