Back there

The same old place,
But times have changed.
I was not with you,
But someone else.
(It was always us,
Never just me.)
The same old guy
gave us the tea.
Few words were said,
A deal was made.
No laugh was laughed,
Not a song was played.
I wasn’t with you,
Because you have changed,
But in my head,
The memories played.
A numbing sorrow
trickled down my eyes.
My business-partner
bid goodbye.
I sat there, alone,
thinking of you;
Wished we could talk,
for a minute or two…

I was back there today,
but times have changed.
I wasn’t there with you,
nor with someone else.

Disclaimer: This is an experience of a dear friend, who narrated it to me, and I could not help but pen it down myself. Some of the details are cooked up, but the emotions were real. It is being posted with permission.

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