Your Debris

Things didn’t work out,
The best time is now gone.
I believed so much in me,
I guess I was wrong.
I used to dream so freely,
I call myself a fool.
You used to call me mad,
Whenever I would drool.
The romance still lives
In the times I’ve missed
Your very own silence
And effortlessly kissed
You in bleak scenes
Dreams left as dreams…

They are celebrated still
By the warmth of every dawn
Breaking down my windows
And the magic of that song…
The guitar is still mine
But has something yours.
I guess the pains of first love
Never ever cures.
‘Coz the sweetest notes I play
Are with that black guitar.
The sweetest memories are yours
Wherever you are.
I have earned so much,
I have learned to put away,
But I guess I’ll never learn
To erase the things that stay.
‘Coz time has flown away,
Look what it has left by —
A confused little soul
With an un-regretted sigh.
So many things have changed
And changed for the best.
Reality has taken you,
But you are mine, the rest…

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