Look up

Has anyone told you that your hair is beautiful?
Somebody must have, the world notices such things quickly.
Followers, fans, boys… lovers? Or are you too young for love?
Someone, surely someone must have told you, how beautiful your eyes are?
They speak. They communicate.
You should look up.
You should look straight into eyes.
You should not close them while clicking a selfie.
You should not look down.
For they reflect what your heart thinks.
They reflect the ups, the downs, the boredom, the passion;
The courageous, the gullible — soul,
On the verge of adulthood,
Longing to live on her own.
Longing for the glint in someone else’s eyes.
Longing for a tour of this majestic world.
Longing to fly.
Surely, someone must have seen through your eyes?

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