The night falls like the autumn leaves. Slowly at first, dancing in the wind. Giving a fair warning (that it’s falling), then suddenly, gripping the moment of silence. It is like the build-up of love: at first friendly, carefree, charming; then sudden, gripping, overwhelming.

The colours of Fall overwhelm me. “Herbst.” Slow but steady, the greens catch fire. No, they are not all yellow. Green, orange, red. Greenish yellow, yellowish green, greenish orange, orangish red, reddish yellow. And everything in between. The leaves fall like butterflies forgotten to fly, mesmerised by the colours of Herbst all around them. I slowly embrace love that humans can never give me. I am so fully drenched in Herbst, so wholly burnt in Fire, that I forget that night falls like the autumn leaves.

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