A Memoir

Trigger Warning: Potentially disturbing content ahead.

Some people are so beautiful, that they make you smile brightly even with very old memories.

They make you smile a thousand smiles, capture them, laugh, and be merry.

Then they leave.

As if, they were there for that short while just to light up the dark world…

What I learned from him was not just the malayāḷaṃ numbers, but how to smile.

Some people don’t have anything to boast about, no power over others… living in absolute uncertainty. But they can smile like the world is theirs.

He was someone like that.

You would look at him and ask where he got that joy from. Where was this courage coming out of?

People like him are born with it…

Probably that’s why they don’t have to live long enough to see the world shitting on itself.

The world is not meant for beautiful people like you.

Remembering you fondly…

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